City State Entertainment is hiring. We are are small, startup/investor funded studio founded by Mark Jacobs of DAOC and Warhammer Online fame and Andrew Meggs of Troika, Mythic Entertainment, and Bethesda Game Studios, working on Camelot Unchained, an old-school PvP MMORPG with some interesting technological innovations.

We are looking for experienced game developers to grow our studios in Kirkland, WA or Fairfax, VA. We have some examples below of the types of positions we are trying to fill, but we are a small company where many employees cover multiple roles so we would love to see resumes even if your discipline is not included.

Gameplay Engineers: Develop MMO gameplay code on C# server and C++ client. Implement features in systems such as combat, crafting and skills. Candidates should have a strong background in data structures, algorithms, and traditional gameplay systems. Experience as a player and/or developer of MMOs is a strong plus.

Senior Producer: We’re looking to grow our production team, and are specifically looking for more experienced Producers to foster growth in the existing production team. Production at City State focuses on task scheduling across disciplines, supporting cross-studio communication, and relaying progress to our internal team, as well as our very engaged community. Will be responsible for identifying potential improvements in development process, propose and implement solutions to help the whole team work as efficiently as possible. Must have previous record of shipped titles, with shipped MMOs as a strong plus.

Senior Server Engineer: Focused on performance, scalability and stability of our C# gameplay and web backends. Should understand networking, threads, databases and .NET tasks and memory, and the ASP.NET Web API. Will identify and fix bottlenecks in gameplay code and provide metrics and guidance for the rest of the team.

Lead Animator: Oversee the work and process of an animation team and direct character performance primarily through medieval fantasy combat that supports a fully-customizable ability system. Bonus skills: Technical art and outsource management. Experience as a player and/or developer of MMOs is a strong plus.


Tools Engineer: Refine and develop custom C# tools used by artists and designers. Maintain an asset building pipeline. Data structures, UI and database skills are a strong plus.


DevOps Engineer: Responsible for keeping game developers working at maximum efficiency. Maintaining a build system and tools for MMO staging, migration and test work. Will be working in various scripts, web technologies and occasionally C#. Cloud computing, server maintenance skills, and some C++ knowledge are a strong plus.

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